Leave your shoes at the door | 把鞋子留在門口, 2023
Illustration, Exhibition design, Art curation, Art direction, Writing, Identity design

‘Leave your shoes at the door | 把鞋子留在門口’ seeks to animate the inanimate, presenting a selection of archival prints centered around the sacred temporalities within everyday life. Expressed through an art style that is reminiscent of anime from the 80s, this exhibition documents and celebrates the unconscious, ephemeral compositions that are set-up by various idiosyncratic trinkets scattered across a first-generation immigrant household.
    This exhibition was housed at Sepium, Parkville. All prints were an edition of 1/1.

Exhibition Team:
Dawn Liu — Artist, Curator, Graphic Designer, and Copywriter
Kodi Graham — Florist
Marissa Hor — Graphic Designer
Mia Murone — Photographer