Do Asians Dream of Electric Sheep?, 2022
Game design, Identity design, Publication design, Illustration, Writing, Research

Do Asians Dream of Electric Sheep? is an investigation into why Asian cultures and peoples are often underrepresented or misrepresented in the cyberpunk genre. In viewing this research under Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw’s “intersectionality” ideology and the “reflective conversations” framework, this project aims to generate conversations about the techno-orientalist paradigm of the contemporary cyberpunk genre.   
    This research took form of a critical thinking card game where the unconscious, techno-orientalist aesthetic bias, of the cyberpunk genre, is challenged. Moreover, players will learn how the idea of techno-orientalism was birthed and will be able to identify such elements within well-known science-fiction works.

Supervised by Dr. Oliver Woebb, Emma Damon, Miek Dunbar, and Noel Waite

Typeset in Misread (custom typeface designed by Marissa Hor), Space Grotesk, and Space Mono

    Certificate of Achievement —
    Awarded to the top 4 students/research projects in  the COMM2784: Professional Research Project studio, as part of the Master of Communication Design at RMIT University.