Learning, Unlearning, Relearning: The Rhetoric of Typography, 2021
Typopgraphy, Publication design

Learning, Unlearning, Relearning: The Rhetoric of Typography had its genesis in a university assignment, uniting a series of conversations, insights, and reflections about typography in publication design. What this anthology has since metamorphosed into is a textual space for students to express how they individually perceive, critique, and celebrate the vast history of publication design. Each student not only has a unique manner of critical thinking in design, but they have also extended their perspectives into the context of their own design educations. Through their written works, each student gives voice to how the critical theories of three, distinct typographers have impacted their academic pursuits in design. This anthology aims to highlight these learning experiences; to shed light onto issues that traditional design theories may have imposed on the postmodern design world; and to acknowledge the boundless history of typography in publications.

Supervised by Ziga Testen

Details: Soft Cover, PUR Binding, 206 pages

Finished Dimensions: 170mm x 240mm

Typeset in Times New Roman and Courier

    AGDA Awards 2022:
    Student Publication (Full Book) - Merit

    ABDA Awards 2022:
    Best Designed Student Book - Longlist