Remember her last kiss...?, 2022
Publication design, Writing, Research

Remember her last kiss...? is a self-published zine that contains a semester’s worth of research on the intersection of identity and publishing during wartime. The zine is made to be an active artefact, where readers can annotate the essays, rip pages out from the stapled spine, and disperse these materials to peers who are interested in the conversations and thoughts that are expressed in the publication.
    It is a publication that is also a part of an ongoing series, Recipes & Receipts, which serve as a constellation of conversations, visual essays, and writing that celebrate the multiplicity of voices within the discourse of postmodern feminism.

Supervised by Michael Bojkowski

Details: Soft Cover, Saddle-stitch binding, 64 pages

Finished Dimensions: 118mm x 210mm

Typeset in Dico Mono Slab

    Certificate of Achievement —
    Awarded to the top 3 students in the
GRAP2681: Advanced Communication Design Studio subject, as part of the Master of Communication Design at RMIT University.

    AGDA Design Awards 2022:
    Student Publication (Full Book) - Merit
    Student Publication (Magazines, Newspapers) - Merit