Museum Accreditation Program, 2021
Logo design, Identity design, Animation, Signage design, 
Website design, Digital design

MAP (Museum Accreditation Program) is a peer-review Accreditation program (overseen by the Australian Museum and Galleries Association (AMaGA) Victoria), which supports Victorian museums, galleries, Keeping Places and community organisations to ethically preserve and manage collections and enrich community experiences.
    The brief was to develop an identity system for MAP and the newly emerged CMAP (Community Museum Accreditation Program) programs. In order to maintain this delicate balance, the use of a four-colour gradient dominates the branding language, as this symbolizes how each program can act independently. Yet when they come together, they unite communities, individuals, and collections.

Supervised by Zenobia Ahmed

Freelance with Amelia Marra, and Sherryn Vardy, Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGa)